William runs up to me today and says, "Mommy, look... I can touch my tonsils." Then he sticks his finger down his throat and then pulls it back out and looks at me with big eyes and says, "But it makes my eyes sweat."


Angry Birds

While playing Angry Birds William blurts out, " Oh yeah! I'm ripping up the score board and kicking it around on the ground!"


Tic Tacs

We are getting settled into our new apartment and Julianne said, "Mommy, I made a new club sign for my door. Do you know where the tic tacs are so I can hang it up?"


New Responsibilities

Monday was a big day for the kids. Grover and I were giving them a chance to do something that only BIG KIDS get to do. That is to walk home from the bus stop by themselves and get into the house and lock the door. Since this was their first time ever doing this I had Grandma and Aunt Amy keep an eye on them from a far so Julianne and William could get the full experience of being independent. "They did great!" reported Grandma and Aunt Amy, "until we walked up to the door and saw the keys had been left in it." 


Not The Varmints

I came home after being gone for a few hours. William came over to me and began to tell me about what went on while I was gone, "Mommy, I ate too much sweet stuff and varminted in the tub." I sympathized with him and told him I hate varminting too and I'm so sorry he did.


I'm Back Again...

It has taken me almost a year to find a new normal in my life out here in Washington. Things haven't gone as I had imagined they would, but that seems to be the way it goes sometimes...
*Julianne is now 8 * William is 6 * Grover loves me and I love him! * We love Mister!*


Pictures From Our Move To Washington


                                                           Wall Drug in South Dakota

                                                                         South Dakota

                                                      Mt. Rushmore (Snowball fights)

                                                    Little Big Horn in Montana

                                                       We finally made it! Washington!


Discovery's Last Launch

Grover, Julianne, William and I climbed up on the roof to watch Discovery's last launch into outter space.


Tooth Number 3

William has finally lost his broken, dirty-looken, hollowed tooth! He pulled it out while watching a movie with his sister. I am so happy it came out! Grover and I were worried. Now he walks around with his tongue in his tooth hole.
Kind of like this dog...


Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Waiting for the bus to shuttle us to the building site.

On the bus to the house we go!

Talking on the phone to my daddy.

The new house.

Kristie and I infront of the building site.